First off we want to share how grateful we are to everyone who made the effort to share with their friends and family. Without your assistance no one would ever know about this resource. Here are some details which show just how effective your efforts to promote were:

In 4 Days We Had:

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  • 519 people listen to the intro to The Advent of Divine Justice
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We are thrilled to present you an outstanding audio version of Shoghi Effendi’s Advent of Divine Justice.

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Choosing our first title was a challenge, but when we reflected on the current state of the world and our role in changing that world, it became clear that the gift given to the North American believers decades ago was now more timely than ever.

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***UPDATE*** The contest has come to a close… please feel free to share the site with your friends still… and check out all the winners HERE!

So in order to spread the word about we need your help to spread the word. We want to reward those “early adopters” who see the value in the creation of quality Baha’i Audio Books as they are the ones who will get the word out. So… we want to give those who share the following tweet an opportunity to get The Advent of Divine Justice for Free! All you have to do is log into twitter and Tweet this message (or click the link to do it automatically):

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