Hello Listeners… Look at your bookcase, now back to our site, now back at your bookcase, now back to our site. Sadly that bookcase isn’t on our site. But if you stopped for a moment and told us which books you want to hear perhaps they could be on our site. Look down, back up.. where are you? Your on a boat with the audio book your books could sound like… Whats in your hand? back at me.. I have it. It’s an oyster with 2 copies of that audio book you love. Look again… the audio books are now diamonds! Anything is possible when your books are on HearTheWritings.com. I’m on a horse.

We couldn’t help ourselves!.. but all silly commercials aside… We want you to help us decide what titles to do next so please take a moment and share your choices and you might just see them on HearTheWritings.com in the near future:

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