The December 12th Message

The December 12th 2011 Message Audio Book

Click To Get Button 3 is pleased to present The December 12th Message to All National Spiritual Assemblies from The Universal House of Justice.

“Propelled by forces generated both within and outside the Bahá’í community, the peoples of the earth can be seen to be moving from divergent directions, closer and closer to one another, towards what will be a world civilization so stupendous in character that it would be futile for us to attempt to imagine it today. As this centripetal movement of populations accelerates across the globe, some elements in every culture, not in accord with the teachings of the Faith, will gradually fall away, while others will be reinforced.” ~ The Universal House of Justice

In this message, The Universal House of Justice shares with “all National Spiritual Assemblies and their training institutes further guidance on the implementation of the main sequence of courses and those that branch off from it.”

This is an indespensible message for all believers wishing to gain greater insight into the institute process. The House of Justice addresses the concepts of “The Path of Service”, “Coordination”, “Classes for Children”, and “Educational Materials”.

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