HearTheWritings Interviewed On EnableMeToGrow.com

We are thrilled to share an interview we recently did with the amazing folks over at EnableMeToGrow.com. If you aren’t already familiar with their site.. you should check it out….especially if you have children and are looking for a community and resources focused on helping you better serve your growing families. Created by two mothers, EnableMeToGrow.com is chocked full of amazing Bahá’í inspired materials including their new Radiant Hearts Program which is “A resource for In-Home Spiritual Education” of children.

Chelsea (One of the co-founders of the site) reached out to us to find out more about what we do and share it with their community of mothers. It was a great opportunity to connect with more parents and families. We are so delighted they invited us to be a part of what they are creating.

If you have a chance, please stop by their blog, check out their resources, and leave a comment on the interview post. It helps their community grow… and what they are creating is soooooo needed…  not to mention we are giving a few lucky readers of their blog a chance to win free audio books on CD!

Come on.. CLICK HERE.. What are you waiting for?

You can connect with them on Their Website, Facebook, & Pinterest

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