HearTheWritings.com Profiled In The American Bahá’í News

American Baha'i interview of HearTheWritings.com

Audio books are a new phenomenon, which make Bahá’í audio books cutting edge. In fact Bahá’í audio books are such a new endeavor that only a handful of individuals around the world are taking part in this creative pioneering endeavor.

The world at large has realized the power in audio versions of books, evidenced by the ever expanding aisles of audio books in the few remaining booksellers. It seems that it is just a matter of time before the Bahá’í community, thirsting for ways to deepen their knowledge and develop a closer relationship with Bahá’u’lláh, recognizes that audio books of the sacred, historical and secondary texts are an amazing resource for their personal and collective deepening efforts.

HearTheWritings.com is in the transformation business. Transforming time which is under used, and where the individual is mentally available into an opportunity to deepen in the writings. In LA, the average person spends two hours stuck in traffic each day.. . can you imagine how consecrated and knowledgable the friends would be if even a fraction of that time was devoted to listening to Bahá’í audio books over the course of a year? The examples go on, and on… and the stories keep coming in and in… of people who have used the audio books to heighten their deepening experience, who hadn’t previously been able to study the guidance, but were now listening to it over and over, to those who are using moments of mental availability to create an extraordinary deepening experience.

With all this passion we feel about the importance of audio books of the Faith, you can imagine how thrilled we were to be contacted with an interview request by the editor of the American Bahá’í. We shared numerous stories and experiences.. only a handful made it into the article.. but we were grateful for the opportunity to share what we are doing.

You can find those interviews in The American Bahá’í News as well as on the Official Website of the Bahá’is of the United States.

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